First and foremost, bleux is a design studio. We do lots of things but ultimately we specialise in applying our range of designs to architectural finishes for your commercial projects. Whether it’s a decorative feature wall in glass or functional privacy screening for offices. From rugs to wallpaper to glass films, we make sure that the final product is produced and installed to the highest quality.

Our Philosophy

At bleux we combine form and function. For example, glass films create privacy, whilst enhancing the interior through colour and form. Acoustic panels reduce noise levels and add beautiful texture to wall and ceiling. So graphic texture and function are inseparable at bleux. We design holistically, sympathetic to both the interior scheme keeping the interconnectedness of form and function in mind.


At bleux we help you through all the stages of the project. Our services include sampling, scaling designs, visualisation of designs mocked up into elevations, site surveys, custom colourmatching, creating custom designs/colourways, then the production, supply and installation of chosen design/s.